Dr Dulip Perera MS FRCS (Eng)


Professional Membership
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon National Hospital, Sri Lanka.
Visiting Consultant at Private Hospitals in Colombo.
Member of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), in 2009.

Dr. Dulip is the Chief of Plastic Surgery at the National Hospital and is registered and licensed to practice cosmetic and plastic surgery in Sri Lanka and is a member of the ASPS, Australia.

Dr. Dulip (MS, FRCS) has over 20 years of experience as a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon and is one of the top plastic surgeons in Sri Lanka.

Dr. Dulip qualified at The Royal College of Surgeons (FRCS) in England (1994), one of the oldest surgical corporations in the world, with the highest standards of surgical practice.  He then completed his specialist training in England, at the renowned Queen Victoria Hospital, a specialist reconstructive surgery centre for the southeast of England, famous for pioneering plastic surgery techniques in the 1940’s. After this, he was based in Melbourne, Australia, where he trained and connected with the Australian interplast team.

In addition, to his private role as a plastic surgeon, Dr. Dulip serves as the Chief Consultant Plastic Surgeon at the National Hospital of Sri Lanka, where he has introduced the first Micro-vascular reconstructive centre in Sri Lanka. He is now a dedicated member of the Australian Interplast team, an aid organization, providing cosmetic and reconstructed treatments for pediatrics and adults in Sri Lanka. 

His specializations are in Rhinoplasty (nose surgery), facelift, eye bags, neck lift, brow lift, liposuction, tummy tuck, breast surgery, liposuction and fat graft transfer to the face, breast and buttocks, cleft, craniofacial surgery and burns care. He is well known for the natural results from his facelifts and facial procedures both surgical and non-surgical. Dr. Dulip regularly attends conferences, seminars, and workshops nationally and overseas, he also presents academic papers at these conferences.

Professional Qualifications

1983 MBBS Colombo / University of Colombo, Sri Lanka
1991 MS (Master in Surgery) From the Postgraduate Institute of Colombo Sri Lanka
1994 FRCS (Eng) – England, UK

Medical Practice History

PRESENT Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon National Hospital of Sri Lanka.

2000 – Present  Appointed Chief of Plastic Surgery at the National Hospital of Sri Lanka
1995 Board Certified as a Plastic Surgeon in Sri Lanka.

1993-1995 Regular training and updating in Plastic Surgery in Australia.
1993-1994 Further training in Plastic Surgery at the Queen Victoria Hospital East Grinstead, England. UK.
1991-1999 Senior Registrar in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the National Hospital of Sri Lanka.
1989-1991 Registrar in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the National Hospital of Sri Lanka.

Conferences, workshops, and seminars attended in Australia, Europe & USA

– Belgium (Eu), The International ISAPS – Aesthetic Dissection Course on Facial Anatomy, in January 2017. 
– Held at the University Hospital of Liege Sart Tilman (Belgium).
– Course directors are Prof. Jean-Luc Nizet, Chair of the Plastic and Maxillo-facial Surgery Department at the University of Liege, and Dr Ivar van Heijningen.
– Endorsed by the Royal Belgian Society for Plastic Surgery (RBSPS) 

Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons conference, Brisbane (QLD, Au) in 2015

Dallas, Texas (USA), Aesthetic and Rhinoplasty course in 2012 and 2015

Stuttgart, Advanced Course for Functional & Aesthetic Rhinoplasty course in 2011

– Attended the Cosmetic Conference in Chicago (USA), December 2010. 

– Berlin (Germany), International conference on Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery,  July 2007.

Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons Member Dr Dulip
Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons Member in 2009 – Dr. Dulip

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123 thoughts on “Dr Dulip Perera MS FRCS (Eng)”

  1. How do I channel Dr Dulip for an appointment? Can you send me the channeling dates for Dr dulip perera. and what time I can see him….I live in Nawalapitiya as this is so far from Colombo…..please send me a quick reply .
    thanks and regards

      1. sagging cheeks are my problem. I need to lift both sides as normal. How can I meet and get a surgery,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  2. is Dr Dulip perera doing rhinoplasty or septo plasty nose surgery. How much will be the cost and recovery time ?

    1. Yes Dr Dulip does advanced Rhinoplasty procedures including septoplasty to correct a deviated septum — a displacement of the bone and cartilage that divides your two nostrils. During septoplasty, your nasal septum is surgically straightened and repositioned in the middle of your nose.

      Please go to the Make an Appointment page
      or email cosmeticclininccolombo@gmail.com for a guide to this procedure and the recovery time.
      Looking forward to hearing from you.

    1. Yes Dr Dulip does Rhinoplasty and recently returned from the USA where he trained in the latest advanced techniques for nose surgery. He has 20 years experience in plastic surgery.
      Please go to the appointment page or email cosmeticclininccolombo@gmail.com or a guide to this procedure.

  3. Dr. Dulip,
    My sister got a baby girl two weeks before and she has a distorted ear. Can it take to natural shape. If yes, when should we start the consultation with you? Also It is better if we can get an idea about the cost for surgery if we want to do it a private hospital

  4. Is it necessary to stay in Sri lanka for ten days after surgery of breast implants! Most places say u can travel after 3 or 4 days?

  5. Hello,
    Can you tell me is Dr. Dulip Perera doing breast reducing plastic surgery ? How much will be cost? Which hospital can I channel the doctor? And what time?
    Thank you.

    1. Hello,
      I need to do for me breast reducing plastic surgery. How much will be cost? which hospital can ichannel the doctor?
      Thank you…

      1. Thank you for your blog post. Just emailed you the details to book an appointment at the next clinic.

    1. Hi There, We have sent you details about nose surgery or Rhinoplasty and the recovery time. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  6. Does Dr Dulip Perera do plastic surgery for cleft lip and nose. Are those successful?
    Are there the necessary facilities in Sri Lanka to do or is it better to go and do it abroad?

    1. You will be pleased to know that Dr. Dulip is very experienced with this procedure and hosted the interplast team from Australia for specialist training in Colombo. He has nearly 20 years experience and qualified in the UK and has trained in Australia, USA and Europe.
      Please read more about Dr Dulip’s expertise here
      If you would like a private appointment please send your details here or email us on cosmeticcliniccolombo@gmail.com

    1. Hello, Thanks for getting in touch. Sent you some details and a procedure guide for you read. Hope to hear from you soon.

  7. Hello
    I’ve got a case of puffy nipples.
    Where my nipples stuck out my chest and they feel fluffy
    Can you tell me how to remove it and where I can get it fone

    1. Hi there, We’ve sent you some details and a guide for Gynecomastia. Please contact us again for a consultation with a qualified and licensed plastic surgeon. Or for a review send your details here

  8. Hello doctor.

    I need dimple for one cheek.
    Can you tell me the cost for it ? And after surgery . Is it a natural look ?

    1. Hello nice to hear from you. Glad you found out all the details you needed after emailing us. Stay in touch.

    2. I need to do a face lift or mini face lift according to the doctors suggestion.i want to know the chargers ,how long i have to stay at the hospital and the recovery period .I saw after the face lift surgery can Be discharged on the same day. Will it be dangerous traveling like 4 hours and if it is so can i stay another two nights til stitches removed off.

    1. You must be very careful if you are looking for skin lightening products.
      FDA has not approved any injectable drugs for skin whitening or lightening.
      Some consumers seeking to change their skin color are turning to injectable products marketed to whiten or lighten their complexion.
      These products are potentially unsafe and ineffective, and might contain unknown harmful ingredients or contaminants.
      Please read more important facts here http://www.fda.gov/downloads/ForConsumers/ConsumerUpdates/UCM460999.pdf

      If you are interested in approved skin brightening and facial rejuvenation treatments please make an appointment to see what may be best for you.

    1. Hi, Thanks for your post. There are a few different kinds of veneers, I’ve sent you the details. Hope to hear from you soon.

  9. I need to do a breast lift surgery. How much it will cost and what are the hospitals available to channel Dr. Dulip?

      1. Hi can you please send me details of breast lift surgery. I need to remove excess skin after weight loss

    1. Hello, I’ve just sent you some details about this treatment. Let me know if you have any questions.

    2. pl I need to do breast lift surgery…Its..how much will this cost…and witch hospital can i channel the doctor thank you.

  10. Can I know the price for a tummy tuck? I have done 3 cesarean surgeries. Need to know if it is safe and the cost.

    1. Hello thank you for your question. All surgery does have risks, but if you select a properly qualified and licensed plastic surgery like Dr Dulip, these risks are kept to a minimum for a safer procedure for you. I’ve emailed you some more details too.

  11. hii im 22 years old male..i want to reshape my ears..so i need to know about the approximately cost…please leave me a reply…thanks!

  12. Hi I need to do the liposuction surgery my age 19 and I think my weight over 100 Kg what do i need to do about that please tell me in details

  13. I am 23 years old feamale and suffering from excess facial hair caused by pcos.do you have treatments for this??? How much does it cost?? Please provide me the details including the chanelling process ..

  14. Hi.. plz send me cosmetic surgeries costs..
    (Nose,lips,eye brow reduce and face fat removal treatments)

  15. Four month old my son has different ear shapes. one ear has comparatively less sharpen anti helix therefore one ear is little protrude and slight longer than the other .how can treat this? whether want to do a surgery or can ear molding method is use ?do dr Dulip conducting ear moulding ?pls reply

  16. Hi,can i know the cost for silicone breast implants with the hospital and all extra chagrges how much will it cost exactly?how many days to stay in hospital and also all the surgery details including the prices.im far from colombo.so i should look into the price and decide before coming for consultaion all the way to colombo!

  17. hello Doctor, I’m 25 yrs old (male), I’d like to do a rhinoplasty because my nose is been so badly curved and long. by an accident .. feel very uncomfortable..i’ve been really disappointing in my life for years so could you please send me the full details with cost??
    Thank you..

  18. Hi Dr Dulip, I want to know da cost of nose reshaping.my nose is crooked from the middle.do I want to da rhinoplasty or temporally treatment like inject botox.I’m scared of surgery becoz of pain.

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