5) Help and advice, if something goes wrong

All operations carry a risk even though, it is hoped and the majority of all medical, dental, or cosmetic procedures will go to plan, it is wise to exercise some caution.

Plan the recovery period properly and try to anticipate any possible complications. Allow some flexibility to your schedule – just in case. Know what to expect from the guide you have researched about your procedure and do not be afraid to ask the doctor any concerns and explain what is normal and what is not for the days following the surgery.

After an operation, occasionally complications may arise but postoperative problems will be treated during a patient’s stay in the hospital.

Depending on the procedure you may consider having your own follow up care with your local GP, if you do, it is important:
a) that you have a good and reliable GP in place and
b) that you tell your GP that you are going abroad for treatment.

Ask the surgeon about any post operative questions that you may have. Don’t be worried about contacting the surgeon again, should you have any apprehensions, just to make sure that healing is successful and to ensure any concerns are addressed.

It is important to clarify what is in place in terms of complications and risks of infection before going ahead with the procedure as policies vary between providers. If infections or other problems do occur once back home you should get in touch with the surgeon, and follow their instructions.

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