Sita, Age: 50, UK. Liposuction (whole body)


Sita, Age 50, UK | Liposuction

Interview with Sita:

Sita a Sri Lankan lady, who lives in the UK, chose to come to Sri Lanka for – a Whole Body Liposuction.

Her decision to come to our Sri Lanka was made after looking into several aspects – the British qualified surgeon, the cost, the quality of care and the facilities.

After all her research and emails to Jane, she chose  to do her surgery in Sri Lanka.

Absolute complete care 

Sita explains “The care I received was as good as any you would get in Europe.  I chose Sri Lanka, as I have many Sri Lankan friends and family that recommended the private hospital, it is clean and the care and service is second to none.”

Removing those stubborn ‘bad bits’

I have been lucky to have very young skin and quite a youthful appearance.  However, almost reaching half a century, some things begin to droop south and a little help is required. When in clothes I was able to conceal my “Bad bits”, even though I was never grossly overweight, but these bad areas really bothered me, and got me down.

I’ve had some cosmetic surgery in the past in the UK and by comparison I have to say the whole process was very good. Even down to the follow ups after the surgery. I met the doctors several times as part of the after care plan.’ 

My amazing new contoured shape at almost 50!

“I’d had some liposuction before, but only a small area, having the front and back done may have been a bit more ambitious than I had initially thought I was much more bruised than I had expected and sitting down for the first few days after was an effort. The first day and night is uncomfortable and everything hurts, especially if you choose to have lipo on your buttocks, sitting down is no walk in the park. HoweverI can clearly see the improvements and am really very pleased

Obviously, people using private hospitals in the UK, pay heavily for the privilege and the cost can be as much 2 to 3 times more.  I personally think that  Sri Lanka  was more than acceptable and my surgery results are fantastic.

I would have no problem in recommending to any of my British friends or any one else, to come to  Sri Lanka to do cosmetic surgery especially as they could do the surgery and have a nice tropical holiday at the same time.

Sita Nov, 08

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