2) Choosing your surgeon

Finding the right surgeon can be baffling at the start.

If you are not sure where to start, don’t worry we can help you.

Although there are many qualified physicians practicing all over the world in excellent facilities, it can be difficult to verify physician training, or the standards of medical facilities and equipment. It is paramount that your surgeon is properly qualified and accredited for cosmetic surgery or dentistry to be practicing in Sri Lanka.

Your plastic surgeon should:
•    Answer all of your questions thoroughly and clearly.
•    Ask about your thoughts to recommended treatment.
•    Offer alternatives, where appropriate, without pressuring you to consider unneeded or
additional procedures.
•    Welcome questions about your procedure and his or her professional qualifications, experience,
costs and payment policies.
•    Make clear the risks of surgery and possible outcomes.
•    Give you information about the procedure you want.
•    Leave the final decision to you.

Do you have a question? Please ask HERE 
or email cosmeticcliniccolombo@gmail.com

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3 thoughts on “2) Choosing your surgeon”

  1. I’m glad that you mentioned the plastic surgeon should welcome questions about the procedure and even their experience and qualifications. As far as I know, it’s probably the best way to learn about the surgeon and get a better feel if you can trust them with the operation. Not only that, but it could be a great way to learn more about them and hear some fun stories.

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