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No matter what the reason, deciding to undergo a plastic surgery or dental work it is a life changing decision, which requires good planning. We have helped visitors over the last 10 years from all over the world who travel in order to be treated by one of our top plastic surgeons and Digital Dentist & OMFS surgeons.

Why Book here?

The answer is simple: we offer the best plastic and OMFS surgeons in Sri Lanka and Malaysia with the most experience and internationally trained. Our typical patient has done their research, shopped around, and committed to one of our talented surgeons after seeking a review, before they travel to Colombo or Kuala Lumpur to schedule their consultation.

Cosmetic Surgery Sri Lanka

Plan for Success

We realise that deciding to undergo any plastic surgery procedure is a major life decision. The majority of our patients save for months in order to finally obtain the procedure they have wanted for so long. We pride ourselves in providing some of the top plastic surgeons in Sri Lanka, at a price point our patients can afford.

The possibility of at last having a surgery you have quite possibly wanted the majority of your adult life can make you dizzy with excitement, and no one is more excited to serve you than our team. 

Achieving the best results from a plastic surgery depends on two important factors: 

– The skill level, experience, and artistry of the plastic surgeons performing the procedure.

– How well each patient takes care of themselves after the procedure is done.  This is where we can help if you need extra support.

The main things to consider is:

–          Have reasonable expectations – do not expect perfection, only expect improvement of what you have currently. This is the main risk with being dissatisfied, you need to have reasonable expectations that you will be improved, but not perfect.

–          Do know that there are surgery risks, have a healthy knowledge of these, read up on these. It may sound like a lot of terrifying info, but the % risk is so tiny. But in reality the chance of these risks is so small, and to date, we have NEVER had any health problems due to surgery.

–          So the problems that you could be faced with is the aesthetic – not being as perfect as you want it to be. To reduce this risk, the number 1 thing is to – Talk, talk, talk to your surgeon in the pre-consultation. Let him know what you want, what you don’t want. Listen to where the incisions and scaring will be. If you are not happy with anything with what he tells you, then DO NOT proceed. With most people, they are relieved and less nervous after the consultation, as they have a lot of knowledge then.

–          You will be able to see close to final results before you head home. Even though there is swelling, you should be able to see your scars and new profile. So you are able to speak with the surgeon before you return home if you have any concerns.

Planning your successful procedure

Here are some factors to take into consideration prior to booking:

  • Weight Fluctuations- Fluctuations in weight before and after surgery adversely affect the plastic surgeon’s hard work. Many patients come to us after losing weight, which we love BUT if you are in the process of losing weight, make sure you have reached your target and have maintained the same weight for at least three months prior to surgery. In the weeks leading up to surgery patients are advised to eat well, exercise, and rid themselves of bad habits such as smoking. Many patients stick to their new healthier lifestyles after surgery, as it helps protect their surgeon’s hard work! 
  • Expectations – Keep your expectations realistic. Many patients have a whole portfolio of “wish pics” which is helpful in planning your procedure. When selecting wish pictures, select photos of people who are similar to you in bone structure, height, ethnicity, and weight.
  • Frame of Mind – Plastic surgery will not fix a marriage, get you a raise, or fight mental illness. While it can greatly boost your self-confidence which carries over into other aspects of your life, patients seeking surgery should not expect other areas of their lives “fixed”.

Team when two become one – our plastic surgeons work closely together with combined plastic surgery experience of over 35 years. Peruse our website for past client experiences and read the surgeon biographies.

The more senior consultant plastic surgeon has over 20 years experience UK qualified and held the head of plastic surgery department for 20 years at the National Hospital Sri Lanka. His colleague is the only consultant plastic surgeon to hold the international membership for plastic and hand surgery in Sri Lanka from the ASPS, USA. Both have works in several Australian plastic surgeons through their wider training and supporting Interplast AN/NZ charity.

Below is an example of the progression of events out of town patients can expect throughout their time for their Cosmetic surgery in Sri Lanka.

  • Contact us via online form to get a review for your procedure.
  • Make it easy on yourself and request a virtual consultation. Your patient coordinator can discuss your surgery and show you the surgeons work in a video call.
  • For safe surgery the maximum allowable Body Mass Index (BMI) is 30 and below. If you need advice contact patient coordinator to discuss your goals.
  • After your review, schedule your surgery date with one of our patient coordinator who will send you specific instructions requested by your surgeon, this may include required laboratory testing prior to coming to Colombo, Sri Lanka.
  • Keep your weight stable and if you smoke, stop at least 6 weeks prior to any procedure.
  • Once you are cleared for surgery, it’s time to book your flight!
    To calculate your return date, use the handy recovery timeline below based on your selected procedure. Please note that all patients must arrive in Colombo by NOON THE DAY BEFORE THEIR FIRST PRE-OPERATIVE APPOINTMENT.
  • We put together a recovery timeline to help you plan your stay in Colombo.
Brazilian Butt Lift10-14 daysYou must return for one or more follow-up appointments with your surgeon to ensure healing is underway.
Tummy Tuck10-14 daysYou must return for one or more follow-up appointments with your surgeon to ensure healing is underway.
Liposuction7-10 daysYou must return for one or more follow-up appointments with your surgeon to ensure healing is underway.
Breast Procedures10-14 daysYou must return for one or more follow-up appointments with your surgeon to ensure healing is underway.
Facelift or Eyelid Surgery12-14 daysRecovery depends on the type of procedure, upper eyelids or a combination of upper/lower lids with Face lift.
You must return for one or more follow-up appointments with your surgeon to ensure healing is underway.
Some people stay 3 to 4 weeks these are only indicative timings, you might want to book a flexible ticket so you can change your flights, if needed.

Travel Arrangements

Most procedures for surgical cases are inpatient; meaning once the procedure is complete, you will be sent back to the ward to stay overnight in the hospital. The next day once you have been reviewed by the surgeon, you return to your hotel, or place or lodging.
For patients travelling alone please ask about

-Extra care nursing options available for a daily fee.

Preferred hotels
You can also choose to stay at a one of our partner hotels should you need help arranging somewhere to stay which is suitable for your post operative needs. We can also help to arrange Extra Nursing Care and Post Operative Compression garments.

Please ASK for DETAILS.

Make a Vacation Out of Your Trip!

Take full advantage of your time in Colombo! We encourage patients to adopt a healthier lifestyle in the months leading up to their procedures, what better time to relax than on the sandy beaches which surround Colombo and the north and south coast? Take advantage of world class spas, go sightseeing, enjoy our local art with a tour of Colombo, or go Gem shopping in Galle. While your surgeon will have you on a strict regimen of healthy eating, no smoking, and no drinking, there is no reason not to make the most of your time in Sri Lanka, once the surgeon feels you are well enough to explore.
Sri Lanka is a premiere tourist destination, we invite you to take it all in, as long as you adhere to your pre-operative instructions, of course. Please ASK for DETAILS.


Having placed an impressive 6000 dental implants. He is also a pioneer in the field of virtual surgery in the surgical placement of implant. This dentist studied in NZ at Otago University and Qualified in the UK.
He is a DIGITAL DENTIST and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (OMFS) .


At one of Sri Lanka’s newest dental clinics the Dentist has over 17 years experience and has done 1000’s of crowns, dentures and complex root canal treatments with beautiful results.

Make a Vacation Out of Your Trip!

We can help you plan your length of stay in Malaysia normally a 10 – 14 day trip for Crowns and 7-9 days for implants. If you are only coming from Singapore then we recommend two to three weekend trips or a longer trip with a few days on one of the islands in-between.

Clear Aligners and dentures can be ready within in week, if pre planned.

3D scanning for accuracy of Implant placement.


German Zirconia Crowns 3D Digital scanning for accuracy and most natural looking teeth for a beautiful smile.


Zirconia Crowns and EMAX Veneers for robust and natural looking teeth for a beautiful smile.


We provide personalised solutions for our clients based on their needs and bespoke treatments.

When beauty goes medical.

Get your gorgeous results!
e: hello@cosmeticsurgerysrilanka.com

Fully licensed and qualified plastic surgeons

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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