nose cosmetic surgery

Daniel, NZ. May 2017. Nose reduction and Chin Augmentation (Male)

Client:  Daniel
Country: NZ. (MAY 2017)
Cosmetic Surgery / Treatments: Rhinoplasty (Nose surgery)  + Chin Augmentation
Plastic Surgeon: Dr Dulip | SRI LANKA

I had a fantastic experience and the whole process fulfilled all my expectations. Both my doctor and coordinator were exceptionally helpful leading up to my surgery. The surgery itself was a complete success, and the results were pleasing. My only critique would be the unfair pricing placed by the Hospital which were of no sense whatsoever, i.e. charging over for ‘other services’ which were not explained at all when asked. Apparently the taxes.

Other than that, the services provided by Dr. Dulip and Jane were quintessential. I loved the whole experience and it is with great honesty that I say my cosmetic procedure in Sri Lanka was a life changing event and for those that are considering it, I highly recommend this place.

Mr. Daniel.  MAY 2017.  Please ask to see my photos.

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