Radio Interview with Helen in New Zealand. The Edge.

Listen to Helen’s personal Experience after having cosmetic surgery
in Sri Lanka by Dr Dulip and Dr Thushan.

Beautiful Flat Tummy
8 months after her surgery


Part ONE .. Intro to her cosmetic experience in Sri Lanka.

50% cheaper than having the surgery in New Zealand
“Flat tummy, skinny legs and new boobs!”  …..
“No longer moaning about saggy boobs and saggy tummy go and do something about it i feel fantastic!!!!”  “It was fantastic.”

Part TWO.. Reasons behind why she wanted the surgery and about the surgeons and their techniques.

“Surgeons were Sri Lankan but had trained in the UK and dam they knew exactly what they were doing.”
“I lost a lot of weight 31KGs and everything had headed south.”

Part THREE.. How much did it cost. What exactly she had done. Her over all experience.

“I know there are a whole bundle of ladies that are in the same situation as me, I had a baby 7 years ago and felt 48! Now I feel 28!”

“Ladies trust me it not scary going to another country  Sri Lanka was fantastic the hospital was amazing. If you are having more than one procedure I would recommend taking a friend or partner with you.”

“Do your research and make sure you are 100% happy with the hospital and surgeon before going ahead.”

Request a review for cosmetic surgery 

One thought on “Radio Interview with Helen in New Zealand. The Edge.”

  1. Wow Helen you look amazing and all done in Sri Lanka by top plastic surgeons. Good on you and such a beautiful country.

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