Gangani, 30 yrs – Beautiful Breast implants: New look and shape. Extremely happy with my results of my Breast Augmentation.

Client: Gangani

Country: UAE (JUNE 2018)

Cosmetic Surgery / Treatments:  Breast Augmentation

Plastic Surgeon : Dr Dulip | SRI LANKA

Many thanks for Dr. Dulip he did a good job . He is a very professional he knew which treatment suitable for me. First I wanted to do breast lift only, but he suggested that an  augmentation would be better for me, as this would have less scars and give a new look and shape. I’m extremely happy with my results.

Should mention about Jane too, as she was very helpful from the beginning till end kept contact always and checked on me even after surgery . Many thanks again.

I highly recommend Dr. Dulip for everyone who wants to do a plastic surgery.

Author: Cosmetic Surgery

I worked in Sri Lanka for Apollo Hospitals Colombo (now Lanka Hospitals Colombo), as the head of the International patient centre's cosmetic clinic in 2007. We saw amazing success over the last decade with clients from all over the world coming for low cost, high quality cosmetic surgery by highly skilled plastic surgeons. Sri Lanka has so much to offer, fantastic hotels, endless beaches and lots of sunshine! Medical treatment is world class and cosmetic surgery results do not disappoint. Rhinoplasty, breast Augmentation, Breast Reduction with lift. Ultimate make overs, Tummy Tucks and Liposculpture. Brazilian butt lift. Facial rejuvenation surgery or liquid facelifts using non-surgical treatments dermal fillers and BOTOX. Giving ladies their bodies back and feeling good about themselves, whilst always taking care to be supportive so all steps are taken to make sure the treatments are in the best interest of our clients is paramount to consistent results. Men are also keen to have Nose surgery and liposculpture and we are seeing more men also having cosmetic treatments than ever before. I started this site as a blog and here to help anyone considering getting some work done in Sri Lanka.

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