Tummy Tuck Sri Lanka

Sonja Smart, Age 43, Canada. Tummy Tuck

Client: Sonja Smart, Age 43, Canada. Nov 2015
Treatment: Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) 
Plastic Surgeon : Dr Dulip Perera
I have struggled with a huge belly falling over like an apron for the past 8 years or so…working out weekly, trying fad diets…just never seemed to get the right recipe to lead that healthy life. As you know I have never been a pro-cosmetic surgery person, but having met Jane and seeing how her patients’ lives change to lead the best life, I on my own decided it was something I would like to consider.
Jane walked me through several examples, the good, the bad, the ugly, the good! Finally after meeting with her Doctors, Surgeons, etc. I made the decision. I am just less than a week away post-ops but already I feel awesome. What was the most amazing thing is that pre and post I needed a lot of support, more than just my family. Jane guided me through the diets, mind frame, body pains, comfort, etc. – she managed my expectations at every level. In fact, the first word I had uttered out of the surgery room is “Where’s Jane?”
It’s one thing to book in a clinic and just go for it, but it’s a whole other dimension when you have that person to support you all the way, answer every question, prepare you for it with time and patience, have your family prepared with what to expect and continuous hand holding even after. 
Jane is also very genuine and a kind caring person, her company’s services reflect the same!
I would recommend everyone to use Cosmetic Clinic Colombo if you want to have a comfortable experience with the results you require and to ensure that all your expectations are met!
Yours truly
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