Dr thushan Dr Dulip Colombo Sri Lanka Gynaecomastia surgery male breast reduction

Romesh, Age: 26. UAE. Gynaecomastia male breast reduction – I had suffered for years!

Client:  Mr Romesh, 26-29 yrs, UAE
Treatment: | Liposuction | SEPT 2016
Plastic Surgeon: Dr Dulip | SRI LANKA
Surgery: Gynaecomastia

I was suffering from the Gynaecomastia for last 15 years. I was not able to share this issue with anyone, as it was not a common issue for all and it was strange for me. I was not able to be confident even with my family or friends. 

I used to search about this issue in websites. I tried to find out about experienced plastic surgeon consultants in Sri Lanka that did this. Finally, I was able to found a lot of info about Dr Dulip Perera online who does corrective treatment for my issue and importantly is a qualified and very experienced senior consultant plastic surgeon in National Hospital in Sri Lanka. Later on tried to find a way to contact the Doctor and I drop a mail to this mail address, where I got a reply from a person called Jane, who turned out to be my good friend and best well-wisher of mine now. I started to share my issue with Jane, while I was in the UAE and Jane always sent a prompt reply back to me after conveying my all concerns to Doctor. Jane is the one who always took care of me from the beginning till this moment. Jane is a very supportive person and very kind person. Before I arrived in Colombo to meet the surgeon, as per the Doctor’s advice I had to send some Photos and pre-operation test reports to be checked to make sure I was ok for surgery and I was allocated a particular date for my surgery once my reports were reviewed. All this was arranged, while I was in UAE. As planned I was able to do the surgery successfully. I was admitted only one night in a Hospital and went back to my home in Sri Lanka the next day. The surgeon recommended some medication thereafter and advised me to come for a review before I fly back to the UAE, which I did to check everything was ok after my procedure. As of now I perfectly alright and back to normal. I don’t have the nerves now like earlier and have a new confidence and without any hesitation and feel more comfortable. So I’m 100% happy with the Doctor, staff and the medical treatment I received for my condition. And 100% happy to recommend using Cosmetic Clinic Colomno to a friend, colleague or family member considering surgery.

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