Guide to Cosmetic Surgery in Colombo

MEDICAL TOURISM – Cosmetic Surgery

Sri Lanka is a truly beautiful Island with equally beautiful and hospitable people.

Private hospitals in Colombo are working hard to ensure you experience the very best of the island and world class medical care from the largest private hospitals in Colombo, but not all hospitals in Colombo are accredited by any international authority, so do your reseacrch before embarking on any surgery or contact us to help you.

This guide is produced to help you make the right choices, for your preferred cosmetic surgery treatments.

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2 thoughts on “Guide to Cosmetic Surgery in Colombo”

  1. Get blog, It is good to hear that Cosmetic surgery is avalaible in Sri Lanka. Your presentation is excellent. Great job!!!

  2. I am a Sri Lankan and would like to get the fat removed from the upper and lower Abbs and would like know the web site from where I can gather information on the cost and other details pertaining to this surgery. Please reply to my email address below. Thanks.

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