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Facial Tweak-ments – How do you want to look in this year?

Every New Year seems to be a biological indicator for most people to stop and pause and take stock of their lives’ objectives – be it financial, family or personal attainment – and see how they want to improve their current situation for the better.

With the new year not too far away, for many,  this heralds the season of analysing yourself and acting on personal desires to get ‘revamped’ in time for the year end festive  season.  CosmeticSurgery-Srilanka.com is here to help you hold off the ageing process.

It’s well know that some people just age faster than others and no matter if you blame it on heredity, stress, environment or poor diet; You will age. No buts, ifs, ands.

Practicing a healthy lifestyle, no smoking and limited sun exposure will slow ageing down, but as with so many people, the damage is already done, but this doesn’t mean you need to grow old gracefully and accept looking tired,  thanks to CosmeticSurgery-SriLanka.com it is possible to manage your ageing process and combat some of your signs of ageing with safe affordable aesthetic medicine solutions.

When beauty goes medical in the tropics, Colombo, Sri Lanka 

Whether it’s invasive or non-invasive tweak-ments, getting “work” done these days is fast becoming the norm for diminishing wrinkles and traditional facelifts.

The latest cosmetic surgery treatments in Colombo focus on careful observation of what makes a woman beautiful and men more fetching,  favouring procedures that are less invasive with less downtime.

Traditional facelifts are good for some clients, but the latest less invasive improved short scar techniques are giving more natural looking results especially when combined with Autologous fat transfer to face and PRP compliment the work of the facelift, (which focus on the heavier lifting). Essentially, adding radiance to the upper and mid layers of the skin. Adding in Dermal fillers give fullness to thinning lips and define the shape for extra beautification. Don’t worry you won’t look overdone, all treatments are based on restoring you to a more youthful you and moving away form pulling your face back too much so you look natural and refreshed.

Top 5 most popular procedures for anti-ageing surgery:

  1. Face Lift for men and Facelift women
  2. Neck Lift
  3. Brow lift
  4. Eyelid or Male Eye Bag surgery ( Eye Bags or Hooded Eyelids) Upper and Lower eye lids for Women (Eye lid lift for Hooded Eyelids or eyebags)
  5. Fat Transfer to face (for hollow or sunken areas of the Face)

Top 5 Non-Surgical

  1. Liquid facelift – 8 point lift 
  2. BOTOX
  3. HA Dermal Fillers 
  4. PRP Platelet Rich Plasma
  5. Resurfacing (Laser/Microdermabrasion)
Client: Paul Davis, Age 46, UK
Treatment: Dermal Fillers and BOTOX | DEC 2015
Plastic Surgeon : Dr Thushan 

I am travelling in south and south-east Asia and was fortunate to find Jane,
who helped me book my appointments and make everything a breeze.
I am over the moon with my refreshed look at such great prices.
I did have some initial swelling, but then I ended up with a very good result.
The treatment was painless and I am all ready for the new year.

Increasing your loveliness

Done right, all it takes are small changes to become more noticeable and attractive. However, for tweaks and larger surgical procedures like these above, bear in mind, a full and proper professional assessment is of the upmost importance.

CosmeticSurgery-Sri Lanka website was established in 2007 and was the first Medical beauty website in Sri Lanka to offer support to those considering cosmetic surgery.  We are dedicated to offering safe cosmetic surgery and dental holidays with savings up to 70% on the same treatments in Singapore or the UK, Australia or New Zealand.

Why clients choose us?

We understand the uniqueness of clients seeking cosmetic surgery offering solutions to make their wishes a reality. With ten years of experience our understanding of your needs is second to none, when it comes to connecting you with the most advanced, accredited and reputable hospitals and Plastic Surgeons in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

There’s no fountain of youth remedies that eliminates ageing, but that does not mean you need to show all the signs of ageing, now, thanks to CosmeticSurgery-SriLanka, you can manage your aging process with safe affordable solutions and hold off the aging process to keep people guessing your real age for many more years to come.

A Full Medical Assessment is required prior to undergoing any medical treatment.

To find out what the  possibilities are for your personalised
Facial Rejuvenation in Sri Lanka

Email: CosmeticClinicColombo@gmail.com
send us your details for a

with a Qualified and Experienced plastic surgeon for your consultation.

Client: Yvonne, Holland  (see BEFORE AND AFTER photos here)
Treatment:  BOTOX
Plastic Surgeon : Dr Dulip 

I am so amazed by the results! I never know BOTOX was so effective! I’ve been told by everyone that sees me, that I look 10 years younger! Thank you Dr Dulip.

Instant brow lift! Facial creases and wrinkles are relaxed to give a more youthful, yet natural appearance.”