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If you are looking for a good reason to smile, you are in the right place. Sri Lanka offers the latest in asethetic dental restoration for your new beautiful smile.

Emax Veneers | Dental Crowns (Zirconia)

Dental Implants

Dental Packages Sri Lanka

Want to know more about dental treatments in Sri Lanka ? Read on…

Do you look in the mirror and long for healthy looking straight teeth? Then look no further our dentist will make you feel good about your teeth.

Our dental partners are in Colombo and will finally give you something to smile about!

Experienced talented dentists. Our main dentist in Sri Lanka has 17 years experience for cosmetic and dental restoration and has his clinic at a JCI accredited medical centre. Our dental surgeon is locally qualified and a Fellow of the International Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons. Vice President to Sri Lanka Association of Oral and Maxillofacial surgeons and senior lecturer at Faculty of Dental Sciences, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka.

So let’s talk about how you can get a quote from the dentist for the full range of dental procedures from Dental Implants to GIC or composite white fillings or a regular but vital clean and polish.

Dental veneers

When we asked our chief dentist about his advise for dental veneers the verdict was clear. If you want stronger more robust veneers then choose porcelain veneers. If you cut corners with the cheaper composite dental veneers you may be more prone to having problems as the composite veneers crack more often than the porcelain veneers, and they may also be more susceptible to stains. Porcelain is natural and colours can be matched to your own teeth or choose something that will work best for you, to brighten your smile.

Dental crowns

Our dentist believes that the best value for money dental crown on the market today is the Zirconia porcelain crown.

ZIRCONIA is the material inside the crown and outside you have high quality natural looking porcelain.

It’s a relative new technology that is known to be very strong. Crowns are something you should consider if you have had a root canal, or if you have a cracked tooth or perhaps a big filling that is broken.

How do I begin ?

If you wish to do veneers and crowns sending clear pictures of your teeth to:  E: 

If you require dental implants, our dentist would like to receive an X-ray prior to you coming over to Malaysia or Sri Lanka. However, if you do not wish to make an X-ray with your local dentist, then just come over to Malaysia or Sri Lanka and we will do they X-ray and make a treatment plan that suits you. But be prepared for any reason your preferred treatment is not suitable for you, then the dentist will explain and give you alternative options. read on for a few reasons that will be show stoppers for gaining your Hollywood smile.

What can delay my new smile ?

When did you last see a dentist ? If you require a root canal (basically an infected dental root), then you will need to add minimum 1 week to the treatment plan. If you have Periodontal disease (red and sore gums) then you will need to have the gums cleaned and have this treated.

Periodontal disease will add additional 2-3 weeks to the treatment plan. If you already decided to do something about that smile of yours, then contact us today and we will get you started!  



Our Dental Surgeons and Doctors are experienced and highly qualified, they only use European implants and their equipment is state of the art. The implant surgeon has done over 1000 implants and carefully selects ONLY suitable candidates for the treatment.  Having their own lab also means crowns and bridges can be turned around efficiently.

If you have questions please contact


 NEW Alternative to Braces.

ClearPath. Clear Orthodontic Aligners.

ClearPath Aligners no more braces
ClearPath Aligners no more braces

Dental Before and Afters

Dental Packages  

The most popular of all the dental procedure packages offered in Malaysia and Sri Lanka is “The Hollywood Smile”.

Simply a smile like what the movie stars have.
Straight even white teeth.


Hollywood smile dental ( Emax / Zironcia porcelain veneers)

A popular package for dental is our 4 + 4   Emax / Zirconia porcelain veneers – Hollywood smile package.

You will need to spend approximately 14 days in  Colombo and you will need to visit the dentist approximately 2-4 times during that period.


Hollywood smile dental Crowns  ( 4 crowns)

A great dental package with  4  dental crowns. You will need to be in  Sri Lanka for a minimum of 2 weeks and have 2-3 visits to the dentist during that period.

Your detailed treatment plan will be determined at your first visit to the dentist, where an X-ray will be taken and examined.

The above treatments can use high-quality porcelain veneers (or cheaper composite veneers) and latest technology Zirconia crowns of Full-cermaic crowns are also available.



What is a dental implant?


An artificial root that works like a natural one to secure a crown and fill a gap in your teeth or hold dentures in place.
When a tooth and its root are missing, the long-term solution for a natural function is a dental implant and made-to-match crown.

Learn more about implants when a bone graft may be needed when  bone loss occurs naturally due to missing teeth.

The dental screw is made of Titanium (commercially pure) is a biocompatible metal, non-toxic and well-tolerated by the body.

One of its most important medical applications is in implants. Those made from titanium have been shown to bond very well to living bone and can last for decades.

Dental implants in SRI LANKA.

Dental implants will they be right for you ? A few items need to be ticked off to make sure you are a suitable for implants first.

Our dentist does not believe ‘SAME DAY IMPLANTS” is a good solution. The process to replace lost teeth takes several months to ensure a good result and careful selection to offer a treatment that will give you the best outcome.

Step 1:

The consultation to examine your teeth and determine a treatment plan. This means checking to see if your bone is wide enough and strong enough to support the implant’s titanium screw which is inserted into your jaw.

Then you need to wait for “bone integration” – basically the screw needs to integrate with the bone. This means you need to have a repeat visit after 3-6 months. The first step will require you to stay in Kuala Lumpur or Colombo  for 4 days and it will usually requires 2 visits.

Step 2:

This is the time to fix the crown to the screw. The doctor will need to check that your implant screw has integrated well and will then take an impression for the crown at this time then take 9 days to make up the crown or bridge for you.

Once your crowns are ready it’s time to have the crown fixed to the implant screw. The crowning glory! You will need to spend 1 week in Malaysia or Sri Lanka to complete the process. Always book well in advance as there are many holidays in Malaysia and Sri Lanka, so we need to check and plan this time for you.

How do I know if I can have an  implant? 

If you are able to send an X-ray before you book to come then the dentist can check your bone and indicate if you are a suitable for this treatment, in some cases, your bone may not be big enough to support a dental implant screw, in which case you will need to have what is known as a “bone graft”. The dentist will do surgery to fix/graft artificial bone to your existing bone. A period of healing of 6-12 months is required before you can start “step 1” for your new dental implant which is essentially an artificial root that works like a natural one to secure a crown and fill a gap in your teeth or hold dentures in place.



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