Facial Tweak-ments – How do you want to look in this year?

Whether it’s invasive or non-invasive tweak-meats, getting “work” done these days is fast becoming the norm for diminishing wrinkles and traditional facelifts.
It is well known that some people just age faster than others and no matter if you blame it on heredity, stress, environment or poor diet, You Will Age. ‘Growing Old Gracefully’ does not mean you need to show all the signs of aging, now, thanks to CosmeticSurgery-SriLanka, you can manage your aging process with safe affordable solutions.
-Facelift , Autologous fat transfer to face and PRP compliment the facelift to add volume and radiance

Every New Year seems to be a biological indicator for most people to stop and pause and take stock of their lives’ objectives – be it financial, family or personal attainment – and see how they want to improve their current situation for the better.

With the new year not too far away, for many,  this heralds the season of analysing yourself and acting on personal desires to get ‘revamped’ in time for the year end festive  season. is here to help you hold off the ageing process.

It’s well know that some people just age faster than others and no matter if you blame it on heredity, stress, environment or poor diet; You will age. No buts, ifs, ands.

Practicing a healthy lifestyle, no smoking and limited sun exposure will slow ageing down, but as with so many people, the damage is already done, but this doesn’t mean you need to grow old gracefully and accept looking tired,  thanks to it is possible to manage your ageing process and combat some of your signs of ageing with safe affordable aesthetic medicine solutions.

When beauty goes medical in the tropics, Colombo, Sri Lanka 

Whether it’s invasive or non-invasive tweak-ments, getting “work” done these days is fast becoming the norm for diminishing wrinkles and traditional facelifts.

The latest cosmetic surgery treatments in Colombo focus on careful observation of what makes a woman beautiful and men more fetching,  favouring procedures that are less invasive with less downtime.

Traditional facelifts are good for some clients, but the latest less invasive improved short scar techniques are giving more natural looking results especially when combined with Autologous fat transfer to face and PRP compliment the work of the facelift, (which focus on the heavier lifting). Essentially, adding radiance to the upper and mid layers of the skin. Adding in Dermal fillers give fullness to thinning lips and define the shape for extra beautification. Don’t worry you won’t look overdone, all treatments are based on restoring you to a more youthful you and moving away form pulling your face back too much so you look natural and refreshed.

Top 5 most popular procedures for anti-ageing surgery:

  1. Face Lift for men and Facelift women
  2. Neck Lift
  3. Brow lift
  4. Eyelid or Male Eye Bag surgery ( Eye Bags or Hooded Eyelids) Upper and Lower eye lids for Women (Eye lid lift for Hooded Eyelids or eyebags)
  5. Fat Transfer to face (for hollow or sunken areas of the Face)

Top 5 Non-Surgical

  1. Liquid facelift – 8 point lift 
  2. BOTOX
  3. HA Dermal Fillers 
  4. PRP Platelet Rich Plasma
  5. Resurfacing (Laser/Microdermabrasion)
Client: Paul Davis, Age 46, UK
Treatment: Dermal Fillers and BOTOX | DEC 2015
Plastic Surgeon : Dr Thushan 

I am travelling in south and south-east Asia and was fortunate to find Jane,
who helped me book my appointments and make everything a breeze.
I am over the moon with my refreshed look at such great prices.
I did have some initial swelling, but then I ended up with a very good result.
The treatment was painless and I am all ready for the new year.

Increasing your loveliness

Done right, all it takes are small changes to become more noticeable and attractive. However, for tweaks and larger surgical procedures like these above, bear in mind, a full and proper professional assessment is of the upmost importance.

CosmeticSurgery-Sri Lanka website was established in 2007 and was the first Medical beauty website in Sri Lanka to offer support to those considering cosmetic surgery.  We are dedicated to offering safe cosmetic surgery and dental holidays with savings up to 70% on the same treatments in Singapore or the UK, Australia or New Zealand.

Why clients choose us?

We understand the uniqueness of clients seeking cosmetic surgery offering solutions to make their wishes a reality. With ten years of experience our understanding of your needs is second to none, when it comes to connecting you with the most advanced, accredited and reputable hospitals and Plastic Surgeons in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

There’s no fountain of youth remedies that eliminates ageing, but that does not mean you need to show all the signs of ageing, now, thanks to CosmeticSurgery-SriLanka, you can manage your aging process with safe affordable solutions and hold off the aging process to keep people guessing your real age for many more years to come.

A Full Medical Assessment is required prior to undergoing any medical treatment.

To find out what the  possibilities are for your personalised
Facial Rejuvenation in Sri Lanka

send us your details for a

with a Qualified and Experienced plastic surgeon for your consultation.

Client: Yvonne, Holland  (see BEFORE AND AFTER photos here)
Treatment:  BOTOX
Plastic Surgeon : Dr Dulip 

I am so amazed by the results! I never know BOTOX was so effective! I’ve been told by everyone that sees me, that I look 10 years younger! Thank you Dr Dulip.

Instant brow lift! Facial creases and wrinkles are relaxed to give a more youthful, yet natural appearance.”


J’Lo Shaped BUTT LIFT – Round Buttocks and a Slimmer Waist – All J’Lo in COLOMBO!

Often referred to as the “Brazilian Butt Lift,” this type of buttock augmentation uses liposuction to take unwanted fat from such areas as the stomach, thighs, flanks, and lower back and uses them to provide fuller, more shapely and attractive buttocks. 

This procedure is often referred to as a “Brazilian Butt Lift“ and it will not only reshape the buttock region, it can also reshape the entire lower back and hips in order to creating an overall more aesthetically pleasing silhouette and body contour.

Read more here


SECRET’S OUT – There’s never been so many ways to look YOUNGER without going under the knife

The Anti-ageing Revolution

With thanks to the revolutionary developments over the last ten years, we are now living in a golden age for anti-ageing treatments that really do work!

There have never been so may effective ways to look younger with out going under the knife. Nowadays we can improve our looks with out breaking the bank and with increasingly popular minimally invasive or non-surgical almost pain free techniques with low down time.

With thanks to the revolutionary developments over the last ten years, we are now living in a golden age for anti-ageing treatments that really do work!

There have never been so may effective ways to look younger with out going under the knife. Nowadays we can improve our looks with out breaking the bank and with increasingly popular minimally invasive or non-surgical almost pain free techniques with low down time.

What makes these treatments so credible?

  • Scienfically approved and researched treatments for dermal fillers and BOTOX
  • Always only use a registered and licensed plastic surgeon for your safety – this means your doctor technical training

But how can you be sure they work and really how much do or don’t they hurt?


Botox inhibits the ability for muscles to contract and reduces those pesky dymanic wrinkles or laughter lines. It’s adminstrated with a tiny needle that hurts no more than a mosquito bite for a few seconds. Numbing cream can also be used if you really feel you prefer not to feel it.

Fillers to hydrate sculpt and plump up your lips or creases.

Used by millions Restylane boasts of having created the HA filler.

In the late 1980s, Swedish scientist and entrepreneur Bengt Ågerup had a vision to bring his scientific work on HA out of the lab and into the real world. Ågerup and his fellow scientists wanted to find a way to restore skin moisture and structure by creating a product that could deliver naturally occurring HA into the skin. It had to be safe – closely resembling natural HA so that it would not be detected by the body as a foreign substance and cause an immune reaction – and offer long-lasting results.

The product was Restylane, the world’s first stabilised non-animal HA filler.

And the innovation didn’t stop there. Since the first product was launched in 1996,  a range of products is now available with carefully calculated properties to suit patients’ individual needs. This has included creating products with diverse textures to offer different levels of lift or volume, and products specifically formulated to deliver skin hydration. [Source :]


Restylane products are based on a sugar molecule called hyaluronic acid, or HA, which is naturally found in our bodies and offers support and structure to our tissues.

HA keeps our skin hydrated and firm, through its unique ability to bind water molecules; it also provides support and structure to the skin and protects it from damage. However, as we age the natural production of HA by our bodies slows down. This means that our skin can become thinner, dehydrated and less firm, losing its radiance and youthful appearance.

At the same time, the natural ageing process drives changes to the underlying bone structure of the face, which can lead to a lack of definition in facial contours, such as our cheeks. [Source :]


  1. Resurfacing
    Chemical peels, microdermabrasion and laser resurfacing modify the surface of the skin to correct visible signs of sun damage, such as fine lines, irregular pigmentation and blemishes.
  2. Injectables
    Toxins, traditional fillers (hyaluronic acid) and collagen stimulators are injected into facial areas to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles and restore facial contours – the Liquid facelift or 8 Point Lift8 Point Lift8 Point Lift. PRP Platelet Rich Plasma – Vampire lift.
  3. Surgery
    A wide range of surgical procedures exist,  face lifts and fat transfers, which are used to remove excess fat, lift severely sagging skin or fill facial hollows. These are  invasive types of treatment.

Besides wrinkling and gravity, volume loss to the face has become increasingly recognised as an important component to the ageing process, which can be restored with either HA fillers in the clinic or facial fat grafting surgery.


Read more Click HERE

Interested to see what may be possible for you to halt the ageing process? Contact for your a review and quote. 



All about cosmetic surgery in Sri Lanka

Having a plastic surgery is a personal choice and requires you to do your research.
I’ve worked in the international centre of one of Colombo’s private hospitals and I’ve seen how Sri Lankan Plastic Surgeons Dr Dulip and Dr Thushan have transformed lives with the latest techniques and treatments for cosmetic surgery.

Keen to find out what’s possible?

Find 8 helpful pages here to help plan your cosmetic surgery in Sri Lanka.



The fat of the excess matter

Liposuction is not cosmetic surgery, beauty therapy or a quick cure for obesity. Smriti Daniel finds out when it is considered medically viable and who can benefit from it.

Consultant Plastic Surgeon Dr. Thushan  has a firm ‘not possible’ for anyone who has ever harboured the fantasy of a quick session of liposuction as a cure for their obesity.

The surgery is meant to sculpt the contours of your body (hence it’s alternate title of ‘liposculpture’), and not to manage weight loss. You’ll have to shed your pounds the hard way, says DrThushan, adding that liposuction, however, has its own place – it can help you deal with “resistant” fat deposits which defy exercise and dieting.

In fact, in Sri Lanka, a majority of DrThushan’s patients are not those aspiring to stardom but teenage males with gynecomastia, or male breast enlargement. Ashamed of their condition, his young patients are unable to participate in many everyday activities, such as swimming, with their peers. The success of the surgery lies then in how the patient feels after it’s done – confident enough to pursue their chosen lifestyle.

Beating the bulge

Anyone who has ever struggled with their weight knows that there are parts of your body that seem to have a mind of their own. Plastic surgeons recognize these sites as the most popular candidates for liposuction – the flanks (love handles) and buttocks, the back, the waist and abdomen, legs (ankles, calves and thighs), upper arms, breasts, chest, the neck. Your surgeon might also recommend liposuction as a way to create a more natural skin contour at the site of a previous surgery or trauma.
During liposuction, fat deposits are removed using thin metal tubes called cannulas.

The tube is connected to a clear plastic hose, which leads to the suction source. The surgeon inserts the cannula either into the layers of deep fat or superficial fat, and manipulates it in a specific pattern depending on the area being treated. The intention is to reduce the amount of fat in that area, not to remove all of it. This is because fat is an important tissue and plays a key role in skin shape and firmness – remove all of it and you’ll be left with loose skin and “dents”.

Realistic expectations

Liposuction falls under the category of “elective surgeries” – it’s a matter of personal choice and not a medical necessity. It also comes with no guarantees. As with all plastic surgery, the success of liposuction will depend on a number of factors unique to each individual — weight, age, skin elasticity and overall health must all be considered. Weight is a surprisingly crucial point of consideration – you may only be eligible for liposuction if your Body Mass Index is at or near ideal standards. If you are more than 15 kg overweight, you’d do better to head for the gym before you consider surgery.

Why is weight such an issue? The answer has much to do with how your body responds under anaesthesia — obesity, along with other elements such as smoking habits, can place your life at risk.
Many of Dr. Thushan’s patients are below the age of 40, when the skin is still supple enough to shape itself to the new contours he creates. And getting liposuction itself need not result in a flat tummy or taunt buttocks, not if the underlying muscles are weak.

Liposuction is often combined with other procedures such as tummy tuck, says DrThushan. Liposuction alone may not be appropriate for people with large hanging folds of skin that may need to be surgically removed, as in the case of  “tummy tucks”, breast reductions, breast lifts or face lifts. Liposuction does not improve cellulite (the cause of the dimpled skin covering the buttocks and thighs), nor does it remove stretch marks.

Poorly controlled diabetes, any infection, heart or circulation problems generally disqualify one for the procedure because these conditions interfere with healing and recovery.

Types of liposuction

Though there are several types of liposuction, including the dry technique (not generally recommended because of heavy blood loss associated with the procedure) and the ultrasound-assisted lipoplasty (not currently performed in Sri Lanka), the tumescent liposuction procedure is considered a safe, popular and effective technique.

Here, the surgeon injects large quantities of fluid, usually a diluted mix that includes a local anaesthetic and a capillary constrictor, into subcutaneous fat. Together with specific medications, this liquid reduces localised bleeding. The fat cells swell with fluid, becoming swollen and firm, or tumescent. The surgeon inserts and manipulates the cannula and uses suction to remove much of the fatty tissue and most of the injected fluid. The rest is absorbed into the body.

Healing and recovery

Recovery from liposuction is relatively quick – and many patients are up and about within 2-3 days. If you’re recovering from a tummy tuck as well, however, it’s likely to take longer. Swelling and bruising are to be expected, but both will subside within weeks following the surgery. After liposuction, an elastic compression garment may be recommended to help reduce the thickness of the fat layer and reduce swelling caused by the procedure.

Weight gains, weight loss, as well as fluid retention all affect how successful your liposuction surgery is in the long term. While a specific area treated by liposuction is less likely to increase to its former size because it has fewer fat cells, the surgery doesn’t mean you can forego all dieting and exercising. If food intake is not controlled following liposuction, fat tissue is likely to increase at other sites across the body, and you’ll be back to square one. Liposuction works best in those who exercise regularly and control their diets.


Read more about liposuction here for women to ZAP AWAY THAT FAT and for men to REMOVE STUBBORN FAT or chest man boobs aka moobs, Male breast reduction.

Also read about fat transfers and Brazilian Butt Lift for rounder buttocks.


What procedures are possible??



Fancy a new improved you with the advantage of spending less for the same new treatments abroad?  Here’s the low-down on the latest cosmetic surgery treatments aimed at enhancing your looks and more…

1: Do you want to look 10 years younger? Dermal Fillers and BOTOX !
Or you might like to improve you skin with the vampire lift – latest PRP treatments

2:  Fresh your look – Facelift or eyelid lift for women and eyebag removal for men

3: Body curves Boob Job enhance your breast with silicone or fat transfer – Brazilian butt lift – round buttocks performed with fat transfer

4:  Liposuction get rid of stubborn fat for women hips and waist!
Fat removal for Male chest and Abdomen (tummy) 

5 & 6: Tummy tuck and breast lift,  ( also see for men Tummy Tuck)

7: Nose job – Refine the nasal tip, that is large or bulbous, drooping, or too upturned. Nostrils that are large, wide or upturned.

Have a look at the 7 hottest treatments page to see the latest treatments for men and women. I was surprised to see that the plastic surgeons Dr Dulip  and Dr Thushan do all these treatments in Sri Lanka. When I met them they showed me some very impressive client before and after photos – just amazing! I am considering having some work done for my next trip to Sri Lanka next year.

Suzy, CA. Nov 09.

Love my fillers and BOTOX results in Colombo

Just wanted to say a big thanks to Jane for helping me find a brilliant surgeon and get a little bit of work done while I was on holiday in Sri Lanka. She helped me to plan my treatment and let me know what was and importantly wasn’t possible in my time frame.

I can now go home feeling and looking refreshed and simply glowing.

Mel, 38, Scotland.

Cosmetic surgery for women

The decision to undergo a surgical procedure is a big one, that takes a lot of courage and consideration and it’s important that you feel happy and secure with your choices you make.

For one of the biggest decisions of your life, we want to make sure you’re entirely comfortable and prepared, and that you are in highly experienced hands of a qualified plastic surgeon.

Popular procedures include;


Eye lids, facelift, Botox, Fillers and laser resurfacing.


Breast lift, breast reduction or

Breast enlargement with implants or Fat Transfer to breast 


Mommy make over – Tummy Tuck 


Fat transfer to buttocks 

Body lift


Cosmetic surgery for men

With society placing a high value on looking young and fit. Today, men of all ages and all walks of life are requesting plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons.

Men’s main concerns include a more balanced nose, a rejuvenated face, a trimmer waistline and chest. The procedures used to improve these areas must take into consideration factors such as skin thickness, age, health and body type.

Your surgeon, for his part, should be able to give you sound advice on how to manage your expectations.



Popular procedures are :


Male Breast Reduction (Gynaecomastia)

Chest and Abdomen Liposuction

Tummy Tuck



Eye lids ( Eye bag removal)  

Nose reshaping