1st steps and your treatment

You are the only one who can decide. Know that you are able to voice any doubts and should not feel pushed in to a treatment. Do it for you.

Find out exactly what is the best treatment/s and what techniques or methods the surgeons will use.  You should have a very good idea of these procedures before you commit yourself to traveling to Sri Lanka.

Decide how much time you can be away for and discuss this with your surgeon to make sure you have ample time for recovery, before flying home again.

If you would like more support during your recovery, try to come with some one you are close too.

Be flexible if there is a complication you may need to consider your family and work commitments, if you need to stay longer than initially expected. This is rare, but should be considered.

Remain focused on giving yourself the best recovery possible. Healthcare and service is the number one priority before travelling to a destination just for a holiday.

Do not be afraid to ask questions and be aware of the risks involved in your treatment. Ask your surgeon any concerns you may have.

Essentially, the bottom line is to be 100% confident with the hospital, and surgeon you have chosen. If any time you feel that the people you are dealing with are not sympathetic or impatient with your questioning take this as signal that perhaps you might not be with the right provider. Remember it is your right to establish if you want to have a surgery or treatment and you are under no obligation to go through with a procedure.

Although the hospital can help you with travel plans , do not expect the surgeons to help you with individual travel plans as they will not be adept at organizing your logistics. So if you want to take some of the headache out of coordinating your accommodation, transfers, surgery and aftercare, then you would be best to use contact us who can arrange all details.

It’s perfectly normal to be anxious prior to a major surgery or treatment, cosmetic or dental, whether at home or abroad. So it is important that you feel 100% safe and secure with your chosen destination for treatment.

Do your research and feel confident before you book that you are going to be in good hands.

Do you have a question? Please ask HERE 
or email cosmeticcliniccolombo.com

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