7) So what are the dont’s ?

Be 100% sure

•    Don’t choose a country based solely on its tourist merits, without fully checking the reputation of the surgeons, dentists, clinics or hospital

•    Don’t  arrive in Sri Lanka expecting to be able to have a surgery. Usually there is a minimum of a month required in-between the initial review and surgery date, to allow time to stop medications and make lifestyle changes, like stop smoking for 1 – 2 months leading up to your procedure and for 2 months afterwards.

Make sure you talk to the surgeon to find out how you need to prepare and clear your medical matters, as much as possible before you leave. The final decsion to go ahead with surgery depends on your medical background and the pre-op tests you have ususally the day before the surgery.

Do you have a question? Please ask HERE 
or email cosmeticcliniccolombo@gmail.com

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