Jasmine, UK. Feb 2016. Breast Augmentation + Nipple reduction

Breast Augmentation Breast Lift Breast Reduction Sri Lanka

Client: Ms. Jasmine
Country: UK (Feb 2016)
Cosmetic surgery / Treatments:  Breast augmentation and nipple reduction 
Plastic Surgeon : Dr Thushan | SRI LANKA 

After having children and still never being happy with my flat chest, I decide to make some time for myself to have a breast Augmentation surgery. I was very happy to have Jane help me organise every and make it really easy for me to come to Sri Lanka and have everything arranged from airport transfer and hotel and day trips after my cosmetic surgery. The surgeon was fantastic he knew straight away what would be best for me and suggested a nipple reduction, as well, which didn’t bother me before for, but it made sense to do this at the same time.  

I am so happy with my new shape and now find my clothes look so much better with the extra cleavage with lots of new volume!

Very happy with my new body and so glad I chose to have my cosmetic surgery in Sri Lanka.

Breast Augmentation Silicone implants Sri Lanka Cosmetic surgery
Breast Augmentation Sri Lanka

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I worked in Sri Lanka for Apollo Colombo, as the head of the International patient centre's cosmetic clinic in 2007. We saw amazing success over the last few years with clients from all over the world coming for low cost, high quality cosmetic surgery by top plastic surgeons. Sri Lanka has so much to offer, fantastic hotels, endless beaches and lots of sunshine! Medical treatment is world class and cosmetic surgery results do not disappoint. Rhinoplasty, breast Augmentation, Breast Reduction with lift. Ultimate make overs, Tummy Tucks and liposculpure. Brazilian butt lift. Facial rejuvenation surgery or filler and BOTOX. Giving ladies their bodies back and feeling good about themselves, whilst always taking care to in sure all steps are taken to make sure the treatments are in the best interest of our clients. Men are also keen to have Nose surgery and liposculpture and we are seeing more men also having cosmetic treatments than ever before.